Good news for Windows 10 users: Netflix allows download, offline streaming

The option is labelled as Download and Go


In a big move, entertainment company Netflix is now bringing the download option to the desktop. The company announced that Windows 10 users would have the option of downloading its entire video library, reported the Independent.

Labelled as ‘Download and Go’, the feature allows desktop users to save all the videos that are available. Earlier, only a select few shows could be downloaded on to the desktop, unlike the Android and iOS apps.

Like the mobile apps, the Windows 10 PC app does have a few limitations when it comes to downloading content, reported The Verge. Offline downloads are available only for a seemingly random swath of the Netflix catalogue (unsurprisingly, most of Netflix’s own original series and films are eligible), but there’s some good lot available, including Stranger Things, all the Star Trek shows, and the whole run of Breaking Bad.

The update is rolling out to all Windows 10 users through the Windows Store on Wednesday, though it’s still unclear whether the Windows 10 Mobile or Xbox One versions of the app will be getting a similar update presently. (readmore…)


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