Event listing app 10times is a good platform for opportunity seekers

10times is an app that offers end-to-end listing of global business events


To many, business events can be very boring sometimes, but they are usually a great platform for meeting, interacting and socialising with the best of minds

These events open avenues for people to discuss business models, share ideas, make connections, get business insights, and to do a lot more.

However, finding the right business event is quite a tedious task. There are thousands of events taking place around the globe every day, and it can be very confusing to decide which to attend or skip. Also, to find an interesting event in a new state, city or country is even more difficult. And here, even Google does not always help.

10times is an app that offers end-to-end listing of global events. It brings all major scheduled business events under one umbrella and presents them in a way that makes it faster to find than spotting one on Google. Besides, there are user-friendly options to streamline for accurate results.

The app claims to be catering to around 2 million registered users across 30 countries.

To understand how the app works and to authenticate the company’s claims of being the world’s largest service provider for business events, we downloaded the app and reviewed it.

Here are our observations:

Getting started

The 10times app is available on Google’ Android and Apple’s iOS platforms. We reviewed the app in Android by downloading the app from the Play Store.

After downloading and installing, the app asks you to sign up using Facebook, Linkedin or e-mail. Signing up is easy and doesn’t take much time. Once you select the desired option to sign up, the app takes you to the window that lists different interests. You get the option to select all the interests or selected ones based out of user preferences.

Once the interests are selected and submitted, the app takes you to the main app window that features all the upcoming events based on interests selected by you.

The app is fairly neat and sorted. It is user-friendly considering the fact that the information it carries is vast and diverse in nature.

The app has three main windows – Upcoming, Nearby and Trending.


The first window – Upcoming – is the default window that opens every time you open the app. It lists all the upcoming events based on user’s interest preferences. (readmore…)

The trending window shows the list of events that the people are attending in numbers and that has been doing rounds on the app.


Now, the best part of the app is you can check all the details pertaining to the event plus the audience. (readmore…)




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