NEET 2017 do’s and dont’s: No inner wear for girls, no sleeves for boys

The do’s and don’ts for candidates who appeared for NEET reached an all-time extreme


Once in a while, we come across something truely surreal and bizzare. The do’s and don’ts for candidates who appeared for National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET), appears to top the ridiculous list. Many aspirants who appeared for NEET for the first time on Sunday, faced a piquant situation in parts of Tamil Nadu, with some even forced to resize the sleeves of their shirts and abandon their footwear to meet the norms.

In a shocking incident, some female students were allegedly told by the invigilators to remove their top innerwear and change their jeans to adhere to the dress code for the exam as prescribed by the CBSE.

According to TOI, at Payyannur centre in Uttar Pradesh, candidates who appeared for the examination at TISK English Medium School at Kovvappuram near Kunhimangalam in Payyannur, the girls were asked to remove dresses with metal hooks or buttons.

“It is shocking that my daughter had to undergo such an ordeal and remove her top innerwear to appear for the examination but there was no other option and she was forced to do so,” said Renuka, mother of a girl who appeared for the exam to TOI.

Male candidates were also harassed

Several boys who came to attend the National Eligibility Entrance Test wearing full sleeve shirts were taken aback when they were told that only half-sleeve shirts were allowed in the examination hall.

Right after the exam, social media was flooded with tweets against the frivilously stringent rules. Here are some reactions:


Had CBSE warned candidates?

The Central Board of Secondary Education, which organises the exam, had warned candidates. It had given a list of do’s and don’ts as part of measures to prevent malpractices.

The don’ts included big buttons, brooches and high-heeled shoes as regards female candidates and kurta-pyjama for male aspirants. |READMORE…

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