Budget 2018: How the New Year can bring healthier outlook for Indians

Amid confusing taxation rules, new legislature, capping and trust deficit, Union Budget 2018 can be pivotal in highlighting the importance of health and well-being for Indians


“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” When Abraham Lincoln was saying these words, he used them to instil motivation, enthusiasm and new vigour in the American people. Today, many decades after and continents away, these lines seem apt for a year ahead in India.

Budget 2018 Just as we dwell on the aspects that need to be set right this year – in the Budget 2018-19 and outside of it – we prepare our industry resolution to understand that our actions have impacts on generations to come. We as healthcare providers and as active participants in the story of ‘Evolving India’ have been entrusted to pay a pivotal role and we, through our small endeavours, may be playing a major role in the changing landscape of healthcare in our country.

Just when we are battling taxation rules, new legislature, capping and above all a trust deficit, I strongly believe in 2018, we as healthcare providers will understand and set the motion rolling for people to understand the importance of health and wellbeing.

A more transparent healthcare system: Questioning systems helps innovation. The recent developments have made us introspect that today we need to be more transparent and open. It is also time that we start viewing the healthcare industry as a major participant of the service industry and automate it to ensure that we step closer to the patient. Our inclusions should be like Google is to your life. From prevention, detection, diagnosis, admission, rehabilitation and recovery, we need to guide the patients, support and understand them. The system needs to evolve relationships and guide the patient to wellbeing. Transparency in pricing and billing is just a small rock in the climb towards building a true ‘Patient Centered Medical Care Approach’.

A little support from the government would be appreciated: Just as we haggle our way through Goods & Services Tax (GST) and the capping last year, we would want the central government’s Union Budget 2018-19 to also help us build sustainable models of healthcare and, above all, support the players that are actually participating in bridging the gap. Any initiative in the Tier 2 and Tier 3 areas of the country should be recognized and appreciated by the government. This industry is not looking at subsidies but at inclusive growth. Just as the need to regulate it, there are stark realities of doctor, nurse, beds and infrastructure deficit.

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