IPL 2018: SRH’s Deepak Hooda does a Houdini’s Act to defeat MI by 1 wicket

Sunrisers Hyderabad will look to the depth and variety in its bowling attack to counter the might of Mumbai batting which have the likes of Rohit Sharma, Even Lewis, and Ishan Kishan

IPL 2018, Deepak Hooda and Ben Stanlake after winning the nail-biting encounter against Mumbai Indians. Photo: PTI

Sunrisers Hyderabad won their second match of IPL 2018 against Mumbai Indians by 1 wicket in a nail-biting encounter. Chasing a modest target of 148 in 20 overs, Shikhar Dhawan and Wridimann Saha gave Sunrisers Hyderabad a flying start as they crossed 50 run mark in the 6 overs of Powerplay. But Mumbai Indians Pulled it back by taking wickets at regular intervals. In the last two overs, Sunrisers Hyderabad needed 12 runs off 12 balls and Mustafizur Rahman gave only 1 run and took 2 wickets. Ben Cutting came to bowl the last over for Mumbai Indians, SRH’s Deepak Hooda dispatched the first ball of the last ball for six as they needed 11 runs in last over. That brings the deficit down to 5 runs of 5 balls. Both Stanlake and Deepak Hooda held their nerve and brought the deficit down to 1 run of 1 ball. Stanlake hit a boundary over midwicket to seal the game for Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Here are over by over and Sunrisers Hyderabad, Mumbai Indians innings analysis, highlights

Sunrisers Hyderabad innings: Over by over

Pradeep Sangwan bowling first over. Shikhar Dhawan and Wriddhiman Saha are on the crease.
Over 1: Saha took one run of the first ball. Shikar hit the 2nd ball for 4. The third ball he took single. Dot, dot, and single of the last ball of the over. At the end of first over. SRH 7/0

Over 2: Bumarah came to bowl. First ball dot. Singles of 2nd, 3rd, 4th ball. Dhawan hit four of the 5th ball. Takes a cheeky single off the last ball. At the end of

Over 3: Sangwan bowling the third over. Dhawan hit the first ball for four, took a single off the second ball that is leg bye. Saha dropped off the third ball and ball gone for 4. Dot ball. Short ball, top edge goes for four. Last ball of the 3rd ball for no run

Over 4: Ben Cutting bowling, Dhawan takes single. Second ball for goes for 1 run. Third ball again a single. The 4th ball hit for four over the bowler’s head. Single of the fifth ball. Two runs of the last ball.

Over 5: Krunal into the attack. Easy pickings for SRH. Just four runs conceded. Tighter line and variation helped him. End of over: SRH 42-0

Over 6: Bhumra is back and Dhawan drives him through the covers for four. Dhawan takes two. Steps out, swings and misses. Off the pads, flicked off the leg side, four for Dhawan. Good shot. Inside edge misses the stumps, gone for four. End of over: 56-0

Over 7: Markande comes to the attack. Dhawan hits a four. Single, that was quick. Saha on strike misreads and his caught in front of the stump, appeal turned down, reviewed. He is given out. Saha goes for 22. Kane Williamson comes in. Takes a single. End of over: SRH 63-1

Over 8: Mustafizur Rahman comes to the attack. Easy single. Dhawan pulls and pulls for four. He is in good touch. Dot ball. That was a risky single. Had it hit the stump, Dhawan would have gone. Mumbai needs that kind of lucky dismissals. Kane edges one and gets a four. Huge huge appeal for caught behind, turned down, reviewed. There is the spike on the ultra edge! and he is out! Kane Williamson is out for 6. End of over: SRH 73-2

Over 9: Manish Pandey joins Dhawan. Markande continues. Dot ball. Cheeky single. No need for such risks. Dhawan sweeps in the air, and Bhumra takes it, a flurry of wickets. Dhawan goes for 45. Manish hits it for a four. Shakin joins him. End of over: SRH 81-3

Over 10: Six runs came off the over.

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